Mindful Summer Self Care Checklist — Mindful Matters with Dale

It’s official; Summer is here! Buttttt…long desired vacations and getaways are on hold; and the world outside is definitely looking like a “new normal”.

Here’s a checklist to help you stay grounded and balanced to navigate this season with grace!

Mindfulness, in short, is training your focus with the help of your brain’s neuroplasticity. The […]

Mindful Summer Self Care Checklist — Mindful Matters with Dale

Mindful Summer Self Care Checklist

It’s official; Summer is here! Buttttt…long desired vacations and getaways are on hold; and the world outside is definitely looking like a “new normal”.

Here’s a checklist to help you stay grounded and balanced to navigate this season with grace!

Mindfulness, in short, is training your focus with the help of your brain’s neuroplasticity. The items on the checklist, all deliberately manipulate your focus, to bring balance, grounding and perspective. By adding these elements to your daily routine, you’re doing just that! It’s a life changer; I promise you.


Honey, when we wake up, our brain attempts to jumpstart where we left off. It runs like a business! That’s good news if we went to bed on a note of prayerfulness, stillness, calm or center. However, for many of us, as women especially, we navigated our day “doing”, “feeling” and “being” instead of acknowledging and embracing our Divine essence.

Adding in a morning practice of a connecting to ourselves and focusing our attention in a particular way, gives us power over our intentions for the day. Choose one from the list and focus all of your attention on the thing you chose to do. Release worry, reaching for your phone, or mulling over the past. Just give yourself over to that morning ritual.

2. Mindful Movement

Dale WM. Photo by Pinnacle Photography @pinnacle.photographer

These boots were made for walking; And by boots I mean our feet..and by walking I mean moving. While I probably find that corniness way too hilarious, I think you get my drift. Sis, make it a point to MOVE yo bawdy!!

I have always stressed that movement is a meditation. Get into it! It engages the brain in a way that requires it to focus on coordination and effort. This moves our focus off of worry and ruminating. The plus side is it releases endorphins – feel good hormones, that keep us vibing high and healthy.

Whether you choose to walk and take in the sights, go for a jog with a sweet playlist, flow in surrender through yoga, or dance in your underwear to your favorite jams, Go for it! Everyday!

3. Mindful Maintenance

As you move through your day, just like you would feed your body or fill your car with gas, maintain your spirit.

Dale Marshall. Star Inspired

Remember Gabrielle Union in Being Mary Jane? Sis was on to something prolific! Leave little sticky notes of hope and affirmation or goals on your car dashboard, work space bathroom or bedroom mirror.

Curate the people you follow on social media to bring you wisdom, smiles, perspective and joy instead of drama and hype.

Try a gratitude jar at home or on your work desk. Whenever you feel angry, alone or hopeless, write down one or two things you’re grateful for and put it in the jar.

Take your gallon water bottle around with you and nourish your 80% water temple.

Take mindful meditation mini breaks throughout the day. Sometimes 10 to 15 minutes can work miracles. Book a guided session here for the cost of lunch! https://starinspired.setmore.com

Bottom line, daily maintenance matters.

4. Mindful Reflection

Photo by Ogo.Pexels

Beloved, the mirror does not lie. Some times that mirror is seeing ourself clearly through self reflection

We can do reflect by writing or recording our thoughts in a journal daily. Often, we cant see ourselves clearly through the lens of our ego. We need a trusted ear to bounce our thoughts and experience off.

In these times it is important to or seek support to roll it out so you can see “you” clearly. A therapist, life or mindfulness coach can be helpful to get us real and ready to move with integrity.

If you need further support on your journey to balance and emotional wellness, Im here to serve you. You can contact me via Instagram https://www.instagram.com/star_inspired/

Book a session here: https://starinspired.setmore.com

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As always, Namaste.

Dale Marshall. Star Inspired Inc. Photo: A. Saunders Pinnacle Photography

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Mindful Communication

6 tips to protect your love during quarantine..

So, somebody said they heard that this lockdown has been really hard on relationships.

According to research posted in Forbes Magazine, only 18% Are Satisfied With Their Communication During Coronavirus Pandemic.

The sudden change brought about by quarantine conditions is tough on courtships and marriages. Being in constant close quarters with your loved ones can be an eye opener or an overload if you aren’t used to it.

If you’ve been experiencing more quarrells, misunderstandings and side eyes, using mindful communication can be a lifesaver for both your personal development and your relationship.

1.) Location, Location, Location

Road map your emotions in your body
  • As soon as the issue between you and your loved one triggers you, before speaking, locate where the most intense sensation of emotion is building up in your body.
  • Some people notice that they feel a ball of tightness in their stomach. Others notice a surge of heat move through their body, head or hands. Eyebrows may furrow and shoulders tighten. I’ve also had persons tell me they began shaking in intense situations. What is most important in those instances, is to:
  1. TUNE IN TO THE SENSATION! Be curious about it. – What does it feel like? What is it doing? How intense is it? What part of your body is it in? Etc..
  • Breathe into it and notice the thoughts that it brought with it. The ability to notice your own thoughts and allow them is POWERFUL. Simply label them as they pass. E.g instead of “I want to shove him and break this glass” just label the thought as “Angry” and “Violent”. Or if the thought is “she didnt wash the dishes again after 3 days” label it as “Disappointed” and “Frustrated” ….etc..
Be curious about your emotions

2.)Once youve used this strategy to hijack your brain centers for more objective reasoning, You can name the emotion for your partner.

E.g. “Babe…I feel really disappointed and frustrated because these dishes are still here. ” or “Hun, I feel extremely angry and violent right now. I need to…….or It would be great if you….”

3.)Magic Touch

Touch is a magical way to bring your attention to the present experience and communicate intimacy to your partner even when you’re not so happy with them.

Try this: As you are naming your emotion to your partner, touch them on the arm, chest or hand while you say it. It says: Im not happy about this right now but I love you. Your partner is more likely to want to communicate with you and empathize with your experience.

Get present with touch and communicate intimacy


When we are in close quarters with another individual for an extended period of time, lines become blurred. You can become so immersed in their experience – what they’re doing, what they’re watching, what they’re saying..that you forget to tune in to yourself as much as you would having more time apart.

Try this: Schedule time in the morning to meditate or do mindful movement (yoga, exercise, etc) alone. Take a walk in your garden, pull up some weeds, drink your tea on the back porch, etc. Throughout the day keep yourself on a schedule of your own goals, training your brain to be keyed into your own experience.

  • Make intentional moments through the day where you text your mate, (Yes, that one in the same house with you.) While youre doing your own thing. Seek them out and pinch their butt or be mischevious, give them a kiss, or a compliment and then return to your own schedule before retiring to them that evening.
Create your own space. Create your own world.

5.) Empathize.

Last but not least, when you and your partner become frustrated, remove your personal feelings from the equation and try to see things from their perspective. Allow yourself to feel kindness and empathy for them and then choose your response.

6.) Apologize genuinely

It’s really difficult to apologize when egos go head to head, but naming your partners emotion, in your apology can break down so many walls.

1.) Name it

2.)acknowledge your part

3.) Ask for support

Example: It seems like you were disappointed and frustrated when I forgot to fold the laundry and watched my show all day. Im going to work at doing much better at that. If you can help me remember, Id like that too.

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I’d love to hear how trying Mindful Communication tips work for you. Feel free to follow me on instagram at @Star_inspired and send a message at any time for one on one assistance.



17 ways to show Kindness and Empathy during Covid Conditions

17 ways to show Kindness and Empathy during covid conditions

Social distancing doesn’t have to stop us from being our brother’s keeper or strengthening bonds with others.

As a matter of fact, it’s the perfect time to exercise a level of empathy and show kindness.

  • WHAT IS EMPATHY? The ability to understand and identify with another person’s feelings.

Tune in.

Can you adjust your frequency to hear and feel what your family, loved ones, neighbors and community may be experiencing during this time?

Are there people in your circle or view that have lost their jobs and are having a hard time meeting ends?

Stop for a moment and imagine yourself being in the same position, not having the resources to provide your needs or that of your family.

How does it feel?

Visualize looking into empty cupboards or having children tell you that their stomach hurts from hunger because you have to ration small portions of food. What emotions come up?

Is there anyone in your circle or view that is single or a single parent?

Imagine having to be at home 24 hours a day alone for extended periods of time without a companion. Or, imagine being in the house with small children juggling your work, their school work, both of your emotions and other duties with no other adult companionship. What things do you think you would be thinking, needing or feeling?

When we place our heart and mind in the space of other people’s experiences, we experience empathy. This can encourage us to act from a place of kindness. Think not only of people outside your home, but also those right in front of your nose at the house, who may be struggling with the change in dynamics.

Do something!

No matter how small the act, letting people know that you care about how they feel and what they are experiencing, really has a heartwarming effect on them.

Think of some things that would lighten the emotional, financial or physical burden of people that came to mind for you and build bonds while you’re at it!

Here’s a list of 17 ideas that you can try:

  • Leave a package of any fruit or vegetable from your garden on their porch with a kind note.
  • Pick up a few extra canned goods, favorite food, non perishables or fruit at the store for a family member or friend.
  • Take the person youre dating on a virtual (facetime) or creative lockdown (in the backyard) date.
  • Hug your child or spouse and ask them to share how they are feeling about the lockdown experience.
  • Volunteer to wash your neighbor’s car. There’s not much to do and its a great way to get active.
  • Give your significant other, mom or relative a pedicure or shave at home.
  • Roast marshmallows in the yard or on a gas stove with the kids and set up a tent in the yard or living room. (Give them a mental escape)
  • Video call someone that is disabled or lives alone and have quarantinis or cook together 🤗…or just let them vent..
  • Have an “after the kids go to bed zoom dance party” and invite all the single moms you know.
  • Ask everyone in your friend or family chat group to donate a few canned items and non perishables. Box them and donate them to a family that you know is struggling.
  • Offer to do grocery or bill pay runs for an elderly person, someone with young children, person woth disability, someone quarantined with covid 19, or pre-existing health conditions.
  • Lend someone your board games to try.
  • Offer to cook a meal or bake bread for someone else.
  • Set a virtual exercise date with a friend.
  • Advertise on your social media for an entrepeneur that offers products and services during these conditions.
  • Send a family with kids a paid for pizza delivery.
  • Sign up for virtual games that you can play with your single friends that are stuck at home without loved ones.

Have any great ideas to add? Share them in the comments!!!!🤗🤗🤗

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Why People Wont Stay their A** at Home

How much of people’s inability to practice social distancing, has to do with Emotional Intelligence and a need for Mindfulness ?

If we’ve been watching the news, #stayathome, #stayhomeforthem or #stayhomeforus is definitely in our vocabulary. We are asked to stay home not just for our personal safety, but to stunt the spread of the virus for the well being of our healthcare workers, elderly, immune-compromised and those with underlying chronic health conditions.

Yet, still, there are tons of people that are leaving the house, not for essential reasons, but for…well, personal fulfillment, boredom shopping, fear shopping, and FUN!

  • We WANT to hang out with friends.
  • We FEEL like having drinks in the backyard at the neighbors house.
  • We NEED to get our hair done.
  • We FORGET in the adrenaline rush of grocery shopping, to stand 3-6 feet apart.

So what is really happening here? Let’s peel back the layers.

What is really happening here? Let’s peel back the layers.

Problem #1.) We are battling with hard wired programming! So there is a great need for Mindfulness Interventions daily!

It will take reprogramming our minds

Many people are struggling with the ability to stay in because:

The “NEED”,” WANT”, “FEEL” triggers of our ego are REAL. Our Patterns of leaving and returning to our homes as we wish on a regular basis, are still imprinted in our psyche. So this is truly a challenge because we are breaking subconscious programming!

We still have the emotional memory of doing as we please or as our routines had us set to respond to.

For those that are hardwired to be more social than others, they may literally craving be interaction.

These triggers and programming control our behaviors sometimes automatically. If we dont impose mindful interventions, they will take on feet and push many of us out into the world to act the fool during this crisis.

So what do we do?

A solid mindfulness practice teaches you to focus your attention in such a way that you turn down the volume in your primal centers and turn up the volume in your reasoning centers.

What this means is that we are better able to cope with urges, like: leaving the house for frivolous reasons or making poor choices when we are not at home.

If you are someone that needs help in quieting your primal centers and operating on impulse, a daily mindfulness practice will transform your mind. Seek a professional Mindfulness instructor to begin a routine.

Until then, try this easy grounding & focus tip whenever you begin to feel antsy. It’s a signature hack that I named BLOWFISH.

Blowfish! – (For When you feel a strong sense of boredom, overwhelm or urge to cabin fever. )

Try my BLOWFISH technique!

How to: Pucker your lips and suck in air sharply. Close your eyes. Hold your breath for 4 seconds letting your heartbeat do the counting. Breath out slowly through the same puckered mouth for 8 seconds relaxing the jaw and Counting slowly in your head. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 as you release.

Repeat 2 times.

Keep your eyes closed and touch the part of your body where you feel the most tension. Then ask yourself:

  • What is it that I’m really looking for right now?
  • What is another way that I can get that urge fulfilled here in the house?
  • If I do leave the house, what is the most responsible and efficient way I can plan to get this done?

You can use this at ANY time you feel anxious or impulsive, not just on lock down or quarantine conditions.

Let me know how the BLOWFISH works for you in the comments, or share what urges you’ve had to fight the most to stay your a** in the house and what fun things you do inside to overcome them.

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Welcome to Mindful Matters with Dale

I know you’ve heard the word Mindfulness being thrown around a whole lot lately. It’s been associated with Yogis and meditation, but I’d love to show you that mindfulness can be a game changing tool for everyday Life, Love and Learning whether you are very practical and traditional or super spiritual.

My background in Mindfulness, Social Emotional Learning and Education spans over 18 years. Ive taught in the traditional classroom, developed programs, curricula and camps for the Social Emotional development and Emotional Intelligence of children. In addition I am a certified and trained Mindfulness Practitioner and Instructor for both adults and children. A kids Mindfulness Coach and children’s author and a Mindful Astrology enthusiast.

While facilitating children’s Social Emotional learning, values and behaviors is my passion, I know that we need all of us – parents, caregivers, teachers and the corporate world, to embrace emotional intelligence in such a way that they are able to also create mindful and emotionally intelligent spaces for the children in their realities.

Be sure to drop me a note at any time if there is a topic or experience that you’d love to hear from this perspective!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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